Curriculum Vitae


Mike O’Malley

(559) 464-5364

Technical leader with over 15 years of experience in computer science focusing on artificial intelligence, image processing, and computer security.  Proven capability to excel individually or as a team member.  Demonstrated excellence in creation, management and mentoring of software development teams at the corporate level..


Principal Engineer, Next Century Corporation

McLean, VA — 2011-present

  • Developed and implemented segmentation techniques applicable to full motion video and satellite imagery using ImageMagick, GDAL, OpenCV and Matlab
  • Created algorithms for object recognition and tracking

  • Authored white papers and technical volumes in the areas of pattern recognition and machine learning

Director of Software Systems, The Technology Development Group

Leesburg, VA — 2010-2011

  • Instituted agile software development processes across the company.
  • Created formal IRAD program, transitioning developed technologies into revenue-generating software projects
  • Headed research and development
  • Responsible for program oversight, including customer interaction, budgeting, technical evaluation, planning and execution.
  • Provided day-to-day oversight of software engineering staff, including mentoring, performance assessment, technical guidance, career planning and training
  • Developed and enhanced corporate NLP capabilities: text segmentation, alignment of translated data, named entity recognition, and summary creation
  • Researched and implemented semantic search capabilities using both COTS (OpenNLP, ANTELOPE) and custom software, to support terminology management, parallel corpora creation, multimedia lexicons, and question answering.  Approaches include HMMs, bag of words (LDA and pLSA) and naïve Bayesian classification
  • Successfully led efforts to generate AFPAK language ASR training data through automated harvesting of foreign broadcast media.

Program Manager, NexGen Communications

Dulles, VA — 2008-2010
  • Led concurrent projects (Zelus, PELORUS II, Seadog, Helm) for government customers involving
    • Embedded software design
    • Custom hardware design and development
    • Satellite communication
    • Geolocation
    • Secure Internet communication
    • Custom encryption technologies
  • Identified and researching future technical capabilities leveraging existing technology against domain expertise
  • Authored white papers and proposals to turn business opportunities into successful programs
  • Responsible for technical, financial, and programmatic management of multi-million dollar customer-focused programs.

Principal Software Developer,SPADAC

McLean, VA — 2008-2008
  • Enhanced and expanded the EarthWhere application.  Development involved C/C++ and Java expertise in geopositioning and imaging domains
  • Researched and prototyped new approaches to network analysis, characterization and anomaly detection for multi-modal networks, focusing on identification and characterization of social networks across communications media.  Accomplished via graph analysis, adjacency/distance determination, and energy change detection
  • Extended traditional feature recognition and tracking algorithms to point-based graphic data.

Technical Director,Integrity Applications

Chantilly, VA — 2002-2008
  • Led research and development in domain areas including: computer vision, time-critical geolocation, image processing, DEM generation/visualization, statistical pattern recognition, machine learning, and enterprise architecture development.  Algorithms prototyped and demonstrated in Matlab, ENVI, and C#
  • Worked closely with SMEs in developing a detailed simulation model of space radar geometries and vehicle characteristics
  • Served as software architect in the overhaul of a multi-int fusion tool for a government customer.  Created and implemented a geolocation algorithm for a specific form of SIGINT.  The application suite is operationally deployed as a Java applet supported by a J2EE back end
  • Acted as lead developer for the PTWeb targeting client.  Responsibilities included development and implementation of algorithms involving image processing, photogrammetry, source selection, and integration of TRAP/TDDS feeds with IPL resources
  • Developed a security information management system for clearance management and transmission using ASP.NET.  System created, faxed and archived security information.

Senior Software Engineer, Veridian

Chantilly, VA — 2001-2002
  • Led prototype development in optical character recognition (OCR) and data mining/pattern recognition domain areas
  • Developed an automated text parsing and analysis system for newspapers.  Documents were scanned, OCR’ed, parsed, and archived in a database for dissemination via an information retrieval system.  Responsibilities included algorithm research, development of parsing software in C++, and integration with commercial scanners, OCR software, and Oracle.  Devised a script system to customize parser behavior for different news services

Senior Software Engineer, PowerTV News

Ashburn, VA — 2000-2001
  • Designed and developed systems utilizing video “fingerprint” creation, remote video data collection and software update, parsing of video streams, and video storage and retrieval in an Oracle DBMS
  • Created and tested secure channels for transmission of proprietary data across public networks
  • Prototyped systems using C++, Perl, DirectX, TAPI, PL/SQL and Java

Senior Software Engineer, TASC

Chantilly, VA — 1997-2001
  • Developed applications such as a program information management web portal, a document conversion tool, and a remote network traffic monitoring and conditioning system
  • Designed and implemented a Java web tier to create a distributed program information management application
  • Acted as designer and developer in an effort designed to enable support of legacy network devices within an SNMP framework.  

Software Engineer, Raytheon

Falls Church, VA — 1996-1997
  • Responsible for rapid application design, development and deployment in areas involving information warfare, satellite communication, navigational warfare, and telephony.  


George Mason University

PhD in Computer Science — In Progress

The George Washington University

M.S. in Computer Science

Pennsylvania State University

B.S. in Computer Science



  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)


TS/SCI Full Scope